Insurance Industry

Insurers rely on our technical expertise and commercial experience in industrial investigations and preparation of claims. We advise insurers and their clients on matters involving claims for property damage and business interruption. We are frequently called upon to assist in subrogation actions by evaluating causation theories and claims for damages.

Case Studies

When the Big Bad Wolf Howls, It Is Time to Review the Insurance Claims

October 30, 2023

A hurricane wreaked extensive damage and delayed a pipeline construction project. Baker & O’Brien was asked to review the damage and prepare an estimate for the reparation and restoration costs of the large-diameter gas pipeline. Our expert report included the assessment for the costs of the i) pig launcher site, ii) interconnect site, iii) mainline block valve replacement, and iv) access roads.

Problems with Sulfur Removal Unit Causes a Stink

October 12, 2022

An abrupt natural gas plant shutdown due to a power outage caused major equipment damage, and a faulty repair followed. The failed repair required additional material replacement and repairs. Baker & O’Brien was retained to assess the circumstances of the initial equipment failure and evaluate the cause of damages during the repair. Our expert report was used during the mediation hearing, and the parties settled the claim.

Catalyst Damage - Did the Operator Incur an "Extra" Turnaround?

April 1, 2022

Several months after an unplanned outage, a petrochemical complex took an early shutdown to perform major maintenance. The operator filed an insurance claim for economic damages. Baker & O'Brien was engaged to assess production losses for the outage, examine operator actions to mitigate the economic damages, and review the impact of the early shutdown on the long-term turnaround cycle. We facilitated the dispute resolution process through technical memoranda and discussions between the insurance market and the operator.