Transportation and Storage

If you’re in the business of moving and storing oil, natural gas, or chemicals, you know the path from A to B can feel more like an odyssey. Our market knowledge has assisted clients in understanding the strategic value of their assets. Our expertise in the operation and maintenance of transportation and storage facilities has helped our clients investigate the causes of leaks, fires, explosions, and other incidents. Our experience in product testing and specifications has been used to investigate quality issues and incidents of cargo contamination.

Let’s get you moving

We advise clients on the strategies, operations, and costs associated with truck, rail, pipeline, and marine transportation of products and feedstocks. We often develop feasibility studies and provide due diligence for investments in pipelines and storage facilities. And when called on, we’re ready and prepared to provide expert testimony on safe operations and maintenance practices—as well as conformance with applicable laws and standards.

Case Studies

Allocating Environmental Remediation Costs for an Old Refinery Site

January 29, 2024

A comprehensive environmental site remediation was required for a refinery storage facility and pipeline corridor, but there was an ongoing dispute about which parties were responsible for the clean-up cost. Baker & O’Brien was engaged to review the approaches to allocating the total remediation costs among several potentially liable parties and conduct cost modeling and allocation analyses. Our consultant prepared an expert report and provided deposition testimony.

Swiss Cheese and an Oil Tank Incident

October 30, 2023

A refiner claimed that certain plant process technology upgrades provided by its technology licensor—who was also its engineering, procurement, and construction firm—did not meet the contracted performance guarantees. Baker & O’Brien was engaged to assess the modified process unit performance vis-à-vis the contracted basis, any incremental performance operating costs, and the rectification cost. We set out our analysis and opinions in an expert report and provided deposition testimony.

When the Big Bad Wolf Howls, It Is Time to Review the Insurance Claims

October 30, 2023

A hurricane wreaked extensive damage and delayed a pipeline construction project. Baker & O’Brien was asked to review the damage and prepare an estimate for the reparation and restoration costs of the large-diameter gas pipeline. Our expert report included the assessment for the costs of the i) pig launcher site, ii) interconnect site, iii) mainline block valve replacement, and iv) access roads.