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Post-Hurricane Damages Compound Hot Work Risks

Case Study April 19, 2024

In this personal injury case, a refinery heater damaged beyond repair during a hurricane was being dismantled when sparks from the cutting tool ignited oil spilling from the heater tubes. We were asked to identify the cause and responsibilities fo...

Renewable Diesel – What’s in a Spec?

Case Study April 19, 2024

A refinery sold diesel derived from co-processed renewable feedstocks that customers later claimed damaged vehicle engines and contaminated storage tanks; poor cold-flow properties were suspected. Baker & O’Brien’s consultants stepped in and e...

Butane Blending into Gasoline – How Profitable is it?

Case Study April 19, 2024

A surge in natural gas production sparked increased competition for blending butane into gasoline. A dispute arose between two blenders and Baker & O’Brien was hired to develop a comprehensive economic model of a butane blending business. Our ...

Q4 2023: U.S. Refining Margins Continue to Fall

RIF February 23, 2024

Baker & O'Brien's Ajey Chandra Presents in Webinar for Lamar University Center for Midstream Management and Science

Presentation/Webinar February 1, 2024

Do Not Open the Electrical Panel Door

Case Study January 29, 2024

While erecting a scaffold at a power plant, a scaffolder made a tragic mistake when he opened the electrical panel door protecting energized high-voltage equipment. We identified the applicable electrical generation regulations, industry standards...

What's the Value of Terminated Engineering?

Case Study January 29, 2024

When an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract was terminated, Baker & O’Brien was retained to assess whether the engineering design satisfied the EPC subcontract’s technical and operational requirements. Our analysis involv...

Allocating Environmental Remediation Costs for an Old Refinery Site

Case Study January 29, 2024

A comprehensive environmental site remediation was required for a refinery storage facility and pipeline corridor, but there was an ongoing dispute about which parties were responsible for the clean-up cost. Baker & O’Brien was engaged to revi...

Baker & O'Brien Authors Article for Oil & Gas Journal

January 17, 2024

Baker & O'Brien Authors Article for Jus Connect’s 2023 Industry Insight Report on Energy Arbitration

Presentation/Webinar December 11, 2023

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