Oil & Gas Production

Need someone who can comfortably expound on the intricacies of whole-field, three-stage electrostatic desalters? Or a commanding authority on cryogenic NGL recovery and fractionation? Our oil and gas expertise runs uncommonly deep.

From the well-head to the market, our consultants offer experience in onshore and offshore oil and gas production facilities and pipelines. In commercial matters, we have advised and provided expert services on the market value of crude oil and natural gas and tariffs for regulated pipelines. Our consultants have hands-on experience in accident investigations, contract disputes, and production sharing agreements in the upstream industry.

Case Studies

How "Petroleum" is Defined Can Have Important Contractual Implications

July 1, 2013

The definition of "petroleum" was front and center in a lawsuit about compensation related to an oil and gas partnership agreement. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) had been converted to derivative products, sold at world market prices; however, a consultant's override was based on sales revenues from downstream products. Expert opinions based on a working knowledge of petroleum production contracts, natural gas processing and LPG production, and other derivative products helped facilitate a settlement.

Know What's Below - Hidden Underground Hazards Can Strike Back

July 1, 2020

Ground disturbance and excavation are sure ways to uncover hidden underground hazards; however, it is far safer to establish the location of buried installations prior to opening an excavation. After an excavation trencher struck an underground natural gas pipeline, the injured heavy equipment operator claimed the buried pipeline had not been properly identified and marked. Baker & O'Brien reported on responsibilities for marking the pipeline, and which party had the regulatory compliance responsibility for safe execution of the work.

A Difference of Opinion - Major Offshore Incident

October 1, 2019

The responsibility for damages pursuant to an offshore oil and gas production platform explosion and fire resulted in a dispute between the insurers regarding cause and origin. Baker & O'Brien was engaged to test two different expert opinions developed during the incident investigation through a review of cited evidence and extensive operating records. Following an open pre-mediation expert conference and supplementary written reports, the dispute was quickly resolved in an international mediation.