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2023 Q1: U.S. Refining Margins Pull Back but Remain Strong

RIF May 18, 2023

Over the Hills and Far Away, Part 2 – Trading Carbon Across the Atlantic

RBN Energy May 3, 2023

E&P field development projects are not always commercially viable – what happens when partners disagree?

Case Study April 19, 2023

After the consortium members of an Exploration & Production (E&P) field development project determined the project was commercially unviable, one partner filed a claim challenging the decision. We evaluated cost studies, development plans,...

Oxygen Pipeline Explosion – Incident Investigation

Case Study April 19, 2023

A large oxygen pipeline suddenly exploded with a massive fire, causing significant damage to a manufacturing facility. We were engaged to review process data, integrity management inspection data, and the subarctic ambient environmental conditions...

Hurricane Leads to Flood of Claims

Case Study April 19, 2023

Class action lawsuits against a petrochemical plant and a petroleum refinery alleged that hurricane flooding was exacerbated by ongoing project work and poor coordination between the two integrated facilities. Baker & O’Brien reviewed project ...

Now It’s Gone, Gone, Gone, Part 2 — To Replace Russian Products, Europe Turns to Asia, Mideast

RBN Energy April 18, 2023

Baker & O'Brien Authors Article for PTQ's Gas

April 10, 2023

Now It's Gone, Gone, Gone, - U.S. Crude Oil Helps Replace Russian Barrels in Europe

RBN Energy April 5, 2023

Baker & O'Brien Presents at GAR Live

Presentation/Webinar March 31, 2023

Over the Hills and Far Away - Greenhouse Gases and the Refining Industry

RBN Energy March 17, 2023

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