PRISM™ U.S. Refinery Billboard

Data-Driven Weekly Analysis of U.S. Refining Economics

The PRISM U.S. Refinery Billboard provides an unprecedented view into the U.S. refining market, while also providing insightful commentary on market developments that impact the U.S. refining market. The report includes a weekly view of U.S. refining economics and operations through an examination of regional price spreads and netback pricing. Powered by PRISM, Baker & O’Brien’s sophisticated refinery simulation platform, and leveraging the experience of Baker & O’Brien consultants, the report breaks down indicative margins by individual refinery based on historical feedstock and yield data sets meticulously developed and curated over the past two decades.

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What does the U.S. Refinery Billboard

  • Regional refinery indicative margins
  • Analysis of regional product arbitrage
  • Crude oil price differentials (Light-Heavy and Location)
  • Crude oil netback pricing analysis
  • U.S. and regional refinery utilization
  • Weekly review of regional crude oil price differentials
  • PADDs 1-5 indicative gross margins by refinery

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The PRISM U.S. Refinery Billboard is available for subscription. Alternatively, we offer subscriptions to detailed refinery economic and operational data via PRISM Data Services. You may also call us at +1 (832) 358-1453.

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