A powerful tool for refinery analysis

With a sophisticated refinery simulator that can rapidly evaluate various “what if” scenarios and a detailed historical database containing nearly all major refineries and market logistics, PRISM provides users a competitive edge in economic analysis.


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How can PRISM
be used?

  • Short and long-term competitive analysis
  • Merger and acquisition screening
  • Crude oil valuation and substitution economics
  • Cost assessment of new product specifications
  • Crude and product pipeline utilization studies
  • Regional product market analysis
  • Renewable diesel economics

refinery performance

PRISM leverages a vast array of historical data to compare refinery competitive performance.

refinery feedstocks

Employ PRISM’s individual refinery models to understand the value and processing limits of various grades of crude oil at a specific refinery.

refinery outages

Use PRISM to estimate the impact of process unit shutdowns on refinery economics, crude supply, and product markets by evaluating how unit outages impact refinery yields and throughput.


Q1 2023: U.S. Refining Margins Pull Back but Remain Strong: Baker & O’Brien, Inc.’s 2023 Q1 PRISM™ update shows that during the first quarter of 2023, refinery margins continued declining from 2022 Q2 record highs seen after the Russian invasion of Ukraine but remain strong. Our Special Topic discusses whether carbon costs are weighing on European refiners.

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