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Baker & O'Brien Presents at the 2022 GPA Midstream Convention

Presentation/Webinar September 12, 2022

Baker & O'Brien Releases Second Quarter 2022 Edition of Refining Industry In Focus - U.S. Refining Margins Surge to All-Time Highs

RIF August 9, 2022

Bring Me Some Natural Gas - A Key Driver Behind Today's High Refining Margins

RBN Energy July 21, 2022

Catalyst Damage - Did the Operator Incur an "Extra" Turnaround?

Case Study April 1, 2022

Several months after an unplanned outage, a petrochemical complex took an early shutdown to perform major maintenance. The operator filed an insurance claim for economic damages. Baker & O'Brien was engaged to assess production losses for the out...

Terminal Operator Access to Crude Oil Pipeline - Connecting the Dots

Case Study April 1, 2022

Pipeline regulatory agency involvement was required when a terminal operator sought to blend a heavy crude oil into a light sour crude oil shipped on a common carrier pipeline. Baker & O'Brien identified the regulatory requirements and determined...

Can't Keep a Good (Gas) Man Down - Lost Profits from Late Plant Completion

Case Study April 1, 2022

Delays in the construction of gas gathering and processing (G&P) facilities led to a suit filed against the EPC contractor by a midstream company alleging lost profits. We reviewed G&P contracts, evaluated operating costs, and analyzed the ga...

Kevin Milburn Presents at the 2022 AFPM Annual Meeting "Renewable Diesel - Unlocking the Complexities and Considerations" Session.

Presentation/Webinar March 15, 2022

Baker & O'Brien Authors Article on Russian Crude Oil and Refined Product Imports in the U.S.

RBN Energy March 7, 2022

Baker & O'Brien Releases Fourth Quarter 2021 Edition of Refining Industry in Focus - U.S. Refining Margins Holding Steady

RIF February 16, 2022

Investigating the Flash Point of a Vessel Explosion

Case Study January 1, 2022

A few hours after a ship departed a refinery dock with a recently loaded product of heavy fuel oil, the sea-going vessel exploded and sank. Baker & O'Brien consultants investigated refinery operations, inventory records, and the sampling process ...

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