Baker & O'Brien Authors Article for Oil & Gas Journal

Probir Shah authored an article for the Oil & Gas Journal that evaluates Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production using the alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) process and ethanol feedstock to help operators establish a framework for conducting the detailed economic analysis and due diligence that highlights drivers and risks of potential ATJ SAF projects ahead of undertaking any significant capital commitments.

Alongside examining feedstock supply issues, ATJ technology, and process economics against the background of regulatory incentives designed to spur increased SAF output, the article also explores the future of US-based ATJ SAF production. It suggests ways to enhance potential project profitability. Find out what it means for further SAF subsidies and SAF price premiums to Jet fuel by following the link above or viewing the PDF of article below.

Probir M. Shah

Senior Consultant

Renewable Fuels / Petroleum Refining
Markets & Strategy / Renewables and Regulatory / Technology Assessment