• Campbellsville University
    M.B.A., Finance (2024)
  • Colorado School of Mines
    B.S. Petroleum Engineering (2019)

Summary of Experience

Mr. Singh supports our consultants by providing advanced data analysis methods to dissect and interpret intricate trends within global energy markets, yielding critical insights into supply and demand dynamics, feedstock and product qualities, and market price conditions.

Prior to joining Baker & O’Brien, Raj was a Senior Market Analyst for Owens Corning in the Asphalt division. While in this position, he built and implemented a solution at several asphalt plants that enabled the plant operators to collect sensitive health, safety, and environmental data. In addition, he performed data analysis on leased asphalt storage tanks, developed price forecasting processes, and monitored global crude oil market pricing trends.

Following his 2019 graduation from the Colorado School of Mines, Raj started his career as a Data Analyst at Setld Inc. In this role, he developed data-driven analysis models to support the development of business plans for various oil and gas, renewable, and carbon capture and storage facilities.

Previous Experience

2021 - 2024: Owens Corning,
Senior Market Analyst

2019 - 2021: Setld Inc.,
Data Analyst