Baker & O'Brien Presents at 2018 Opportunity Crudes Conference

Charles Kemp delivered a presentation at the 6th Opportunity Crudes Conference titled, "Growing US Light Crude Exports and IMO 2020-driven discounts—Who Benefits?". Mr. Kemp provided a background of the IMO 2020 regulation that will limit sulfur content in marine bunker fuel. He also discussed the types of refineries that will benefit from IMO 2020, whether crude selection is a viable option for refineries that are not prepared, how exports of low sulfur Light Tight Oil might help meet IMO 2020 regulations outside the U.S., and potential pricing scenarios for Eagle Ford and WTI crudes in a European refinery post 2020.

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Charles G. Kemp

Vice President

Oil & Gas Production / Petroleum Refining
Markets & Strategy / Renewables and Regulatory