Markets & Strategy

You need a comprehensive understanding of the landscape of current markets and their future potential and risks. We assess the competition and available alternatives, and help you steer your company toward greener pastures.

Case Studies

How Much is "Old" Fuel Oil Worth?

August 1, 2017

When a fuel oil-fired power plant was sold for demolition and site reclamation, the parties could not agree on the value of the residual fuel oil inventory. Baker & O'Brien determined the "heel" in the residual product, disposition practices and options, and the ultimate product net value. We analyzed the quality of the product and assessed its value.

Prelude to Arbitration?

January 1, 2015

Presented here was an attractive alternative to the cost of arbitration for the producer and buyer who disputed the definition of Market Price for a petroleum derived product. As the recognized industry expert, Baker & O'Brien was able to analyze the limited market with confidential pricing information to establish a price that best fit the Market Price definition. The expert report was used in the decision on how to resolve this matter.

Helium Pricing - Understanding Market Structure as U.S. Reserve Privatization Loomed

October 1, 2021

Global helium resources are concentrated in only a few countries with limited suppliers and market off-take users, which results in an opaque fair market value. When privatization of a government-owned helium resource was mandated, we were asked to evaluate the market structure and the benchmark pricing basis as a reasonable contracting basis. This article describes our analysis of the helium market volatility in relation to the theory of using auction results to establish a commercially viable pricing basis.